Demo Ranch's Whole Arsenal in One Epic Video... 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL!!!!


4,9 mil. pregleda32 000

    Thanks to these awesome dudes for coming out to celebrate with me!!!
    Mat Best
    Crispy crispy11b
    AK Guy
    Eli eli_doubletap
    Baddie baddiestreams
    Klean kleanisklean

    Demolition Ranch Tees here! Comes with a free hug if I catch you wearing it.

    Watch me vlog.
    IF you love animals

    "Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
    Outro music by MDK,

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    1. Cj Schrock


    2. Cj Schrock

      Can I come to you if there was a purge or apocalypse

    3. Mike Stahnke

      This video just makes me sooo happy. Congrats.

    4. Joseph Kiernan

      Congrats on 10M! Fun video! Ooooh, noooo. The tragic boating accident!!!!!!!

    5. No NameLol (GlabexINC)

      I get that its america and shit but THAT 50?? HOW IS THAT LEGAL

    6. Aaron Lehman

      Rip guns sorry about your luck

    7. FallenParadox

      this dude is more prepaired for a war than a military

    8. 000

      So weird--that's exactly what happened to all my guns, too.

    9. Jerry Rice

      you did it!!!!! lol

    10. Panzer Why Tee

      New intro lfg!

    11. roger coffman

      Shouldn't you all be on the butt end of the table

    12. SomeParamedic10

      I've watched demo ranch for YEARS. From hardly any subscribers to now. This is by far my favorite episode! Congrats buddy! 10 million subs well deserved! Couldn't have had a better group for the video!

    13. Colten Sigurdsson

      This is the greatest demo ranch video ever

      1. Colten Sigurdsson

        I can’t believe you made it to 10 mil dude that’s so insane congrats man I been watching since like 2016 I think and you’ve always made consistent quality videos. One of the best you tubers 100%

    14. Michał Bożek

      We all love guns, but we hate being dishonest.

    15. Norma Muniz

      Is no one gna say how gay the thumbnail looks? Men dnt hold men like that even for a laugh guys come on very cringy

    16. BrandonCarris

      Thought they would have a free for all firefight after they picked their guns

    17. Saf1

      Can someone tell me what happened to the guy with the prosthetic? I’m genuinely curious.

    18. Johnny Childs

      "%20 of americans own a gun" factoid actually just a statistical error; DemolitionRanch is an outlier and shouldn't have been counted.

    19. Tiffany Scott

      10mil let goo

    20. Chase Dressel

      We need more of nick on the channel. I miss his top secret stories. I mean his stories.

    21. Robert D

      Whats with gay a$$ conga line?!

    22. Jose Ventura

      That’s Mexican convection 😂😂😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻💯💯💯💯💯💯🇮🇷

    23. MoMo Baklava

      oh how the Left must hate you XD

    24. Levi Malburg

      Are you republican??

    25. Jose Ventura

      Can I have a gun ?

    26. Dead_wolf

      I love you guns 🔫

    27. FanatcZ

      Klean didn’t say one word LOL

    28. james

      the boat lol

    29. TruePirateKing

      Love that 50 cal. Looks quite interesting

    30. Pumba WTF

      Me Dumb Money 🦍

    31. Allen Boatman

      Colion! Boating accident!

    32. Boo Gazy


    33. Suefeng Yang

      No m200 no k

    34. TheDamnSpot

      Can I take this moment to just say, screw you ATF? Who's with me?

    35. Edward D

      Meanwhile, China just sent astronauts to a new Chinese space station.

    36. George Mahfood

      Lit video

    37. 42Zero_Pizzaman_Tampa

      Not very bright showing your shit like that...

    38. Right Side77

      Wow all those beutiful guns.

    39. António Nunes (EmotionX4)

      It certainly looks like a Taliban festival.

    40. Sandy Kern

      God I’m precisely 10 days late

    41. Acecarpenter

      That's just insane, nobody needs that my tables

    42. Pafkata (PafkataOfficial)

      I just love your vids, man! Here since 2m followers

    43. Thomas Terry

      How do you store that many guns but wow how much does all of them cost

    44. check Mate

      So um…. Does anyone know where that river is.. It’s not theft if it’s found

    45. Random Potato


    46. Mike Salas

      That was great!

    47. Kelp Meal

      Look at all those Confederates...I mean guns 🙄

    48. NahtE

      Should have gave him a neck protector with that .50 😂😂

    49. forester4ever


    50. Dicky

      I’m wondering what he do for living

    51. E Capone

      The end made my day

    52. Peanut Wars

      I'm new here and I'm tripping to see Klean and Donut in this XD I mean it makes sense but I had no idea

    53. Sailx

      Imagine explaining to cops if you got pulled over while transporting all this

    54. E Capone

      10:38, channel your inner mexican bro. Lmaoooo

    55. Miles Palacio

      donut had 8 there was 3 dirt thingys

    56. Austin Mitchell

      ATF should be a store not an agency

    57. John Warmath

      I think it's the best episode yet. But you cheated us on the gun show.

    58. JustJux

      A half mile of guns

    59. Stan Choi

      He dont want anything to do with the serbu50 after what happened to kentuckyballistics

    60. Connor Johnson

      11:12 damn where can I get some of them tables

    61. skimmymalk

      gold painted serbu vs gold plated barret, seems legit

    62. Random guy Man

      It’s here less goooo

    63. Michael Armijo


    64. QuoththeRaven

      One word....streetsweeper

    65. King Baldwin IV

      I SO wanted Crispy and Eli to make the deal!

    66. RogueSquidward

      Matt is a freaking clown! Good to see Klean out there too!

    67. Chikyen

      100k in a week

    68. Kevin


    69. tinezilla

      I am not happy with BLACK RIFLE COFFEE COMPANY!

    70. J9hunna

      you cant even go hunting with all those guns

    71. This Guy

      Congrats really happy for you you deserve it 🗿👍

    72. King Tut

      That was amazing I want more of this

    73. Rob Butza Jr

      Let me know where that lake is im going scuba diving

    74. maken_ix

      Can I just come hang out and shoot with you guys?

    75. Call your memes Airsoft

      Is no one gonna talk ab donuts first shot and his smirk smile

    76. Joseph Malinowski

      I know this is what earth looks like I just hope heaven looks the same way. God bless the Second Amendment because every anti-gun person out there they're going to be regretting their decision because more police are quitting by the day because they're not allowed to do their job properly

    77. serg yahont

      Давай на русском побыстрее)))) Зебра аууууу???!!!!!)))))

    78. Dean West

      Nice collection.

    79. WV591

      Comrade Biden and His tax soldiers will love you that's 200 dollars a weapon tax + magazines.

    80. Jeremy hi

      He hit 8 I was Counting

    81. Not Nas

      Cant imagine getting pulled over with these guns lol

    82. Xldoaofodk

      You paint all of them Gold you’ll get diamond

    83. TheMan™

      Total value ?? 200,000?😂

      1. TheMan™

        1 mil* 😂

    84. Dustin V

      Ha.. as soon as I saw the table, I thought to myself, I know how this video ends. I was right.

    85. Michael Miller

      It would be 20 million or more without all the censorship and black balling by mainstream media and big tech.

    86. Dan i

      Been with since 2.7m, been fun, your content is great as always. Sorry about the boating accident though. Have to start over, don't tell

    87. Flo 381

      Was there a G36?

    88. Travis Noffsinger

      Now this is my goal...

    89. kyswhore

      they should have picked a shot gun

    90. Hrbi

      avarage american be like

    91. C.D L.U

      Damn u can create a mafia with all of those!!

    92. Ben S

      Somewhere in some ivory tower, someone is trying to spin this into gun owners being responsible for all gun violence.

    93. Never Mind My Name

      And "Overkill" was suddenly redefined, 😂😂😂

    94. Pdubs 706

      Crispy was confused AF at the end when the dog prize came out🤣

    95. Parish Bananarific

      so why would anybody need that many guns? most of those arent for hunting, they are for killing people.

    96. Zeljko Opalic

      And these are all my guns...................HOLY SMOKES!