1983 Gen 2 Honda Prelude Goes For a Drive


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    The Honda Prelude was a rival to conventional sports coupes, carving a niche for itself by being vey different and fitting between Capris and Mercedes 2 door offerings

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    1. Yukon Striker

      Bullshit.. based on the Accord platform

    2. Sajid Ali

      I've got the Honda Prelude Mk3 1990 H reg, Manual, 4WS, 16i. Awesome car, amazing drive!

    3. Spicy Tuna

      "Comfortable grand tourer with a hint of sportiness." I like this description a lot. I had a fifth generation Prelude back in my days in university. I lived a 3 hours' drive away from my parents, and I'd visit them several times a year. My car had 200 horsepower and it felt _really_ good to get it into the middle and high end of the powerband. But if you wanted something you could kick back in, the car was indeed very comfortable on long drives. At highway speed, the engine sat around 3,000-4,000 RPM, but you'd never hear it drone. It was also a very quiet ride overall. The steering was just so tight and precise. It drove like something that was so much more expensive than it really was. I also loved the way that car looked. It looked like nothing else on the road, even in its time. Any time I took it to a Honda place to be serviced, the guys there would comment that you just don't see Preludes in the wild anymore. I finally had to sell the car in 2015. I had mechanical faults coming up on it all the time, and it was getting too expensive to keep fixing. I was single and had just got my first job out of university. I wasn't making much money at all and I needed something newer and a little more dependable to commute to work. I had moved to a city where living expenses were funnily enough much higher than where I had attended university. I had the double whammy of increased housing costs and losing my roommate. To this day, one of my greatest regrets in life is having to let that car go. I got basically nothing for it when I traded it in. It was daily driven and beat to hell with 200,000 miles on it. It meant so much more to me than the pittance I received for it. But it was an awesome car, and I'm happy to have ever had the chance to daily drive it. One of these days, if I ever have a garage, I'd love to get my hands on another as a weekend driver.

    4. Peter Englezos

      So nice to hear a positive review on a Japanese classic. This car was so hot back in the day.

    5. kou n


    6. Tony Arnold

      I have 2 of these. One in the garage and one in a barn. Best cars I have owned. However pressed the clutch yesterday and wouldn't engage gear! Ugh...

    7. Boomhauer Oo

      Had a 1986 N. American Prelude 2.0 Si. So much great about that car. But possibly my favorite thing was the "spongy" material that made up the "spoiler" on the trunk/boot. Finally sold it in 1996. It had 285,000 miles. And I still miss it.

    8. Charlie M

      What a beautiful example. The original owners clearly loved it, you don't often see cars that are that well cared for. Hats off to them. I hope the new owners love it just as much.

    9. FrightfulAccountant

      This car gets my 10 out of 10, I love it! Great condition!

    10. PhD

      How about going for a drive in a Triumph Herald? A real British classic and a 1965 12/50 model was my first car in 1972.

    11. are vee

      Many Hondas of that era were revelations, but especially the 2nd generation Prelude. One thing the early ones were a little behind on was fuel injection. I remember remarking about this at a car show in the early 80's and the Honda guy making excuses about using carbs for reliability. Carbs or no, it was still like almost nothing else at the time and the design stayed fresh for a long time. I do know there was some sort of rebadging Honda products as Rovers, but I doubt Honda ever too much from the Rover side. Sorry, UK guys, but Rover was no match for Honda in the early 80's. If you wanted a Honda in the US in the late 70's / early 80's, you put down the deposit, waited patiently and took what they gave you. Even today, we don't see Honda giving deep discounts. A Honda driving friend wanted to replace his mid-70's Civic with a new one and the dealer made him wait so long, he gave up and bought a Toyota.

    12. PhD

      I like the channel and watch most of your videos but please stop knocking autos. Not everyone is a motoring journalist who wants to “drive” a vehicle. A lot of people just want to get in and get to their destination without any stress and driving a manual around busy towns in traffic is just a pain. And besides most modern automatics are excellent these days.

      1. PhD

        @HypaGames Bought the 626 when I was in Oman in ‘85, loved that car, especially the digital instrument cluster which was really unique in those days. I don’t think the digital instruments were available on models in the UK.

      2. HypaGames

        @PhD Nice I've always wanted to try a 626, love the styling bet they're just as good as Honda so a great choice!

      3. PhD

        @HypaGames Well put. Most of the cars I’ve had over the years were manual and I always enjoyed driving them, now as I’m getting on in years I just prefer the ease of an automatic. I never had a Prelude although I do remember looking at one in a showroom many years ago and it was a 4WS number to boot. Ended up with a Mazda 626 coupe which was very similarly styled to the Prelude, very square and edgy.

      4. HypaGames

        Very true point but I wouldn't say he's knocking autos in general. Just is nice to see a manual for a car like this as like he says a lot were sold in automatics. Which yes is nice and convenient in traffic etc and as people have pointed out the only option for someone who needs one for disability reasons of course I completely understand that. Just as cars like this age you notice it becomes much much harder to find manuals. I've driven automatics and manuals and love both depending on which car, big engines etc it's lovely to have a creamy smooth auto in traffic but for some cars (especially older more sporty examples) manual just makes more sense for the open road etc. Much more controlled, more reliable and more fun! Look at cars like the Honda NSX, Volvo 850R etc and try to find a manual, it's so hard because as he points out they were bought by older more mature customers with money to spare and just wanted the convenience, not nesecaliy to drive and have more fun as it was probably their daily at the time. Clearly the owners of this Prelude from new wanted that control of a manual and the car benefits from it massively these days, hence increased value and desirability in todays classic market. It's just nice to find a manual basically, some cars autos just massively got outnumbered in sales compared to manuals. Also I agree modern automatics can be excellent with many many gears! This was 1984 though so only 4 speed automatic. I have driven Preludes in auto and manual and while auto is still nice to drive, manual makes it really fun to drive and gives you much more control, they have a lovely feel to them as well.

    13. Dillan Mistry

      I subbed because I’m glad I came across this channel

    14. Samantha James

      That car is mint.

    15. Martin Jones

      Didn’t they use the front ends for Acura?

    16. Sea King

      I had an ‘85 as my first car in 1996. It was fantastic even with the 1.8. The salt ate from one end to the other by 2002. I’d likely still have it otherwise.

    17. limitedmark

      Looks like to me the tires are from a an era when you "bought tires you got 3 years worth of tread " , not the morsel of tread you get now when you part with best side of your money that only last a year before they are illegal. 😕

    18. Alan Simpson

      A proper refined classy coupé that has stood the test of time. I wonder what the couple who had it from new bought to replace it?

    19. ilovecheeserolls

      My Mum had three of this generation Prelude when I was a kid. I hated them because the sight of one meant that I had to stop whatever fun thing I was doing and go home for tea. #difficultchildhood #problemsathome #repressedmemories #cryingoverwhiskey #hateyouhonda

    20. Gustavo Salazar

      I had never seen one of those in that shape. The very few that survive look like junk by now.

    21. Timothy Horning

      My mother's two sisters (aka my aunts) each had one of these in the 80s, one in red the other in blue. Red Prelude aunt had a string of cool cars - 1985ish Prelude, 1990ish Audi 80 (still the only Audi 80 I've ever seen in real life), 1996ish Volvo 850, then a bunch of boring stuff because life, kids, etc. So Honda used a brand new platform then made it look like an Accord?

    22. SharkoonBln

      "Let´s count the wipers on this car..." I was fully expecting to see a HubNut cameo in the background ;)

    23. neil walsh

      4:10 Mr Hubnut pulls the garage door to, locks it from the inside and reaches for the Kleenex 😂😂😂

    24. NOW, That's Richy.

      That's a absolutely mint example, must have been kept undercover for most of it's life, that red paint would have faded a fair bit in 37 years otherwise! Plenty of gadgets for a car of the era, a nice drive!

    25. Ben Collins

      Struggling to believe this is not closely based on an Accord or Aerodeck, but ill take your word for it!

    26. Michael Mayaka

      Wow, such a lovely car and a well presented review as always. I had no idea a 1980s UK market Honda would have such a lovely interior, being more a fan of 90s JDM interiors. That steering wheel especially, is just lovely, being a bus enthusiast it reminds me of Renault-Karosa's steering wheel with that long centre section.

    27. John Bradley

      It's not a Pree-lood it's a Prel-yude

    28. Martin Jones

      I just watched this, thinking it was you. Unless you have an Italian cousin. hraero.info/contact/qap4kpl81sa4qtQ/video

    29. Ian Wiggins

      I was going to do that because it was too expensive and I couldn’t afford it the first one starts off cheapish they go and put the prices up to the next level and the next one just went with it because I’m living on my own bringing up my daughter everything goes toh

    30. DEVLAD

      The condition is astonishing

    31. 08680868

      I love it

    32. CreRay

      What an absolutely gorgeous car. The attention to detail is incredible. It’s a shame it didn’t sell better at the time, it would have deserved it, but it was an upmarket car when Japanese was still associated by part of the buying public with cheap, and low status. I’d LOVE to own one.

    33. Mark Persad

      What a beautifully kept example of a car that represents that period when Japan began to leave Europe and the US behind in the quality and build of cars that normal people could buy! Great video of a terrific car.

    34. Simon Murray

      Was that a hint of a cv joint at 22:08 ?

    35. J-Med Systems

      Finland was definitely not a land of fancy cars in the 80's due to heavy taxes, but we did have quite a bit of Preludes, Accords as well as CRXs. Legend and NSX were available too but I never saw them live at that time. Japanese cars of that era were well equipped, affordable and they matched the taste of most Finnish customers. Toyotas and Nissans were for the mainstream whereas Hondas satisfied those that wanted "something more".

    36. theo sincu

      The Daewoo Tico also has a great teashelf.

    37. Mike Hydropneumatic

      Awesome stuff!

    38. John Drake

      Like a shortened version of the BMW 630 Csi.

    39. Grant Muir

      I am very reminiscing at the moment and everything was better in the old days. This beauty, proves my point nicely! 😂 In the 80s, I always wanted a Honda Prelude, Isuzu Piazza, Lancia Gamma Coupe or Alfa GTV 2.0 or 6! I obviously had something about coupes. Sadly there are virtually no coupes these days. 😔Oh, and a Mitsubishi Cordia Turbo! 😂😝Fogot the Subaru XT Coupe too!!!

    40. William Egler

      In the United States these were nicknamed the "HONDA QUAALUDE" because they were so slow...

    41. RichieT5

      Green Tea Shelf 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    42. RichieT5

      This is utterly beautiful. It reeks 80s goodness. I adore the boxy style adopted in the 80s too! And that wiper set up is bordering on blue material for dads 🤣 awesome road test Matt.

      1. furiousdriving

        it is fantastic isn't it? I was sorely tempted to take this home

    43. Kevin O'Brien

      A mate had one of these as his first car after our year graduated from college back in the early 90s. I was super impressed by the car. I eventually bought a Mazda 626 coupe which I loved. I then moved out to the USA and bought an Acura Integra, which had the same pop-up headlights as the Prelude

    44. RazSux

      This was my neighbours car, I wondered where it went!

      1. furiousdriving

        You're not the first who remembers it, it must have been well known! They clearly took amazing care of it

    45. doctor zaius

      Great video, had one just like this; one owner from new, always dealer serviced, very nearly perfect with one big exception: some crumpled sheet metal on the driver's side from a errant snow plow :( But at least that enabled me to buy it for a few hundred dollars! Still ran flawlessly and the door shut properly, just cosmetic damage. Mine was gunmetal grey with the same interior, and it was a US base model, so no power windows, spoiler or alloys, but it did have A/C and the twin carb 1800 engine with 10,000 miles of vacuum hose under the hood. I don't remember it having a single wiper, so maybe that was only RHD cars? Definitely no rear wiper either! Absolutely loved driving that Prelude and racked up tons of miles on it.

    46. steven jones

      Hi Matt,nice drive of this Honda Prelude Gen 2,this is a car I haven't seen for a while.so clean and original the way I like cars.

    47. 100SteveB

      I would love to own either one of them, or a 1984 Mitsubishi Galant. Had the pleasure of owning a Galant many years ago, but sadly never had the prelude. The Galant was a very refined car, when i first got it i was forever accidentally trying to start the engine when it was already running, you simply could not feel or hear the engine ticking over from inside the car. The Japanese certainly knew how to make fantastic cars back then.

    48. Thomas Hillier

      Bosch came up with the ABS name. It means Anti-Blockier System in German. But it also works in English. Anti-lock Braking System.

    49. Thomas Hillier

      Spoilers are not for downforce. Spoilers ‘spoil’ unwanted airflow to reduce drag. Wings are there to provide downforce and a side effect is that they increase drag. The Prelude has a spoiler to reduce drag, not a wing.

      1. Thomas Hillier

        @furiousdriving We’d have to ask Honda to be sure but positioned where it is and being as flat as it is, it does look like it may well enhance the benefits of the vertical Kammback-type rear end of the boot.

      2. furiousdriving

        Was his one wind tunnel tested or just to look good, as many were?

    50. Mirage8v

      20:15 Corrado, Calibra, Probe, Fiat Coupe, Tomcat, Audi 80, 3 series... Lot's of coupés ;)

      1. furiousdriving

        there was a 5 year gap from mid 80s to early 90s when they nearly died out, tomcat wasn't until 92, Calibra similar, Fiat later

    51. David Julian Price

      I have a mint 4 wheel steering Gen 3 Prelude you can try. It's the lowest mileage in the UK and a concours winner. Better than your 2G.

      1. furiousdriving

        Must be immaculate then! Drop me an email bodyintheboot@gmail.com

    52. Stephen Smith

      I had one of these in the 90`s. The car was a 1986 Model, it was absolutely Lovely to drive. It was a darker Red than this one. I can`t for the life of me, remember what those four indicators were for. The only thing I can suggest, as they are next to the Radio Antenna switch, is that it is to indicate when it is fully extended or retracted.

    53. artoodiitoo

      I recently found a set of those alloys, they are on my studded winter tires, fit nicely on a crx too

    54. Matthew Godwin

      It's got the Nissan Bluebird style pixie in the dashboard (see Hubnut). How cool is that.

    55. Tinniswood

      An absolute beauty, I wish they still made cars like this today with a few modern subtle touches. Proper tyres too for comfort.

    56. cliffthelightning

      The car that made me love cars, star of a weird dutch children's program from the 80s

      1. furiousdriving

        Ive just learned about that show this weekend!

    57. Paul Illingworth

      The doors remind me of the Rover R8 doors, I think that era of Honda I’m sure the Prelude had rear steering which steered slightly when front wheels were turned, some of the suspension on other cars on both Honda and Rovers had the parts but no functionality for rear steering, Accord / R600 and Honda legend/R800 had rear ball joints at top of suspension mounts.

      1. Paul Illingworth

        @furiousdriving definitely especially side profile of doors.

      2. furiousdriving

        Theres lots of similarities to the R8 as you look around it, the shape of the doors especially

    58. Alan Campbell

      The full width rear lights...unfair to credit the Prelude with being a design cue for stuff now when the Zodiac Mk4 had a full width rear light/reflector a decade earlier and I'm sure there were others before that.

      1. furiousdriving

        not really crediting just pointing it out

    59. Heikki Remes

      One of those cars I've lusted after since my childhood. It's just a wonderful looking car.

    60. Chris Bury

      I've subscribed to the Delorean kit using your code, does it get delivered to your house or news agent Matt ?

      1. Chris Bury

        It's only because I read it somewhere on their website about newsagents, I'm very much looking to receiving it soon (to my house) thanks mate 😊

      2. furiousdriving

        My house please...I mean your house! I think it would go direct to you unless you specified a new agent

    61. Dover One Foxtrot

      Can't beat Honda cars. I've had 3 Accord's, and now have a KB1 Legend. Drive forever cars they are.

    62. Steve's Rover

      I love it! Miss the simplicity of the driving experience of older cars.

    63. thedarkknight1971

      I Had a popup headlight 1988 Honda Integra 1.6 16EX 4 Door in that luscious red colour. Crossflow head PGM-F1 EFi.... I loved it... It looked awesome, drove really well, and again... I loved it!!!... PLEASE find one and review it... 😁😎

    64. Bapster Man

      The Honda integra DC5 replaced the Prelude in 2001, what a pity

      1. Bapster Man

        Honda made the statement themselves that they were discontinuing the prelude and integra would take its spot, if you’d notice the last prelude was 2001 and the integra Dc5 came out in 2001.

      2. niqhtt

        The RSX? how does an Integra take the place of an Prelude when there is already an Integra

    65. Dan Druff

      Had 3 Preludes 85 89 and 93 2.2 vtec awesome cars

    66. Al Chapman

      A real well kept example , days when things were more simple car wise. Nice video .

    67. David Harrison

      Liking your pronunciation of ‘Pre-lewd’!

    68. Simon Eigner

      Those 4 LEDs aren't LEDs they are indicators for the position of the tilt steering wheel. On the left side of the column there is a small lever

    69. Michael Tutty

      Thanks for the memories, Matt. My only experience, such as it was, came when I bought my first 79 Ford Thunderbird from a former coworker. Two weeks after she got the Honda, she asked for the Thunderbird back. We went out and found her a 78. The 4 cylinder Honda with the automatic used more fuel in the highway than my V8 Thunderbird.

      1. furiousdriving

        old autos and small engines never worked well!

    70. peter gouldbourn

      Great video Matt. Loved it. I too hope you’ll get to 50K subscribers by Easter Pete 🇬🇧

      1. furiousdriving

        Fingers crossed, thanks!

    71. joe seeking

      I remember being wowed by this when it came out, so sophisticated and modern; could not afford it at the time. Needed more power, which arrived later (though I did not like the styling updates that came with it). 200 hp would have made it stupendous, but alas not on the menu until the final generation, which would be the one I'd want today. Always eluded me, and by the time one was easily within reach I needed more doors, and now the 5th (and really best) gen is too dear for a knockabout 3rd car given other, somewhat more modern, choices. Sigh.

    72. Stuart Wright

      Oh Lordy Yes. When all around me were saying they were bland and boring, I was reveling in their design and innovation.

    73. Danny The GFP

      This car wins 2 awards "T Shelf Of The Year" & "Green Tea Shelf". Brilliant

    74. Antony Hilliard

      Great car. I had a 1985 model 2.0i 16v DOHC. Suspect that is also still on the road today.


      Lovely original time warp car. Honda was a bit special back then, a proper premium brand known for innovation and build quality

    76. Patrick Rocks

      Absolutely beautiful car so easy to identify on the road nowadays you have to find the badge to which Euro bubble it is.

    77. Bryan Mower

      "deposit taken" So you bought it ? :-p

      1. furiousdriving

        I was too slow :-(

    78. Neil Mustow

      Very 80's Honda Matty pop up headlights so cool 30,000 miles looking mint tail end design looks a bit like the upcoming 1985 Honda Legend saloon been a loved car by the one owner from new

    79. Matthew Lockwood

      Matt that looks like a K series engine?

      1. furiousdriving

        similar looks different inside

    80. Shane Norman

      The top-of-the-range version had four-wheel steering. I recall L.J.K. Setright often stating how much he loved his own example, claiming it had the best steering of any contemporary car.

      1. promerops

        @furiousdriving And, of course, Bristols. Well, everyone loves Bristols, don't they?!

      2. furiousdriving

        He was famous for his love of these

    81. Luke Mallory

      You know you're a car guy when you recognise a Lotus esprit x-frame chassis at 20 paces..

      1. Paul Phillipson

        It's beautiful because it was designed by engineers not designers. Those LED looking things could be the service indicator, look similar and was also fitted to the Accord

    82. Dain Smart

      Looks very similar to a rover 414-416-420 LOL

    83. cooper s

      Cant beat a japanese car for reliability and comfort great content STAY SAFE MATT 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧👍👍👍☕☕☕

      1. cooper s

        @furiousdriving gorgeous !!!!!!!

      2. furiousdriving

        Isn't it superb!

      3. Bapster Man

        Amen 🙏

    84. james caley

      This is real "sustainable" transport.

    85. Doktor Uzo

      Super car Matt...thanks for showing us. The Japanese were quite a bit ahead at this juncture. And so reliable....quality cars.

    86. ed word

      That's looks amazing for the time, when Ford and VW just had boxy things for sale. Auto windows was even ahead of BMW, Porsche and Jaguar

    87. Double Danny

      It's Prel-ude. Not Pre-lude

    88. Adam Toms

      Beautiful Honda, really smashed it with the Prelude in my opinion, all generations very rare now on British Roads. That one is an absolute minter.

      1. Tony Arnold

        I have two but they aren't worth what they should be!

    89. Simon Parsons

      ....1990 was actually the era for coupes and kicked off right; 300zx, Supra, 3000GT, RX7, Calibra, 200SX, 100NX, Prelude, Legend, 3 series coupe, Mercedes CE, VW Scirocco, Audi coupe. In fact I think the 90s was without doubt the decade for the coupe.

    90. S G

      All Jdm cars of this era were mostly well made and totally reliable and easy to work on having owned a few in the late 80's and early 90's like the 120y, Celica, Supra, Sunny, Starlet etc. .

    91. Peter Simpson

      Leg warmers, bubble perms, batwing jumpers, shoulder pads, bad moustaches and the Prelude. Brings it all back. I've been in two of these, both automatic, one owned by a jeweller, the other an engineer. Say no more. Fabulous.

    92. Simon Parsons

      The lorry reversing when reviewing the steering wheel sounded like the Flux Capacitor when it was out of roentgens.


      Revolutionary vehicle especially the 4ws model. Great video and brilliant road test as always.

    94. william walker

      Where these made with 4 wheel steering?

      1. furiousdriving

        later generations were

    95. John Burgess

      Prelude was one of my big wants in the 80s.

    96. Eldon Tyrell

      Quite an attractive car

    97. MrNomadnero

      Those LED's must be for PRND on the auto versions maybe?

      1. furiousdriving

        Apparently steering wheel tilt indicator!

    98. Malcolm Morton

      Nice - but the MK 1 was even more beautiful

    99. Steve Wilson

      "A certain tweedy toughness". I may use that in my Tinder profile..

    100. Graham Thornton

      I thought the 78 Prelude took almost all of its' running gear from the Gen 1 Accord? All new body yes, but not really an "all new car" as such.

      1. furiousdriving

        running gear was always shared across cars, its not cost effective to have more than one of the same size engine, but to have an individual platform for one car and one generation is unusual