what i eat in a week pt 9 (spring break edition + korean food)


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    1. saranghoe

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      1. Samatier Gaither


      2. Katie Vamos

        My fav food is Sushi it’s literally The best food ever 🍣 🍱

      3. Mya Noel

        I love your videos by the way and I am 11 years old you are my motivational model

      4. Iam Theara

        @R k

    2. Besties

      Your family must love u ...

    3. Hadeel Potter

      How does she not gain weight plz tell me your secret 😩

    4. tricia

      she eats so good and i admire her parents cooking skills so much omg how lucky

    5. Shyboywithnolife

      I love binging these kinds of vids right before I go shopping for the week for meal prep

    6. vaval nur

      It’s so funny that whenever I feel so hungry I just open one of your ‘what I eat’ videos and feel full after watching it (because I’m doing diet)

    7. Darya vc ELLA

      l love you video

    8. Moon –3–

      I seriously wanna start cooking for myself but my parents probably won't let me, I also have no idea to use chopsticks, people make it seem so easy!

    9. potatodaisy

      Guyssss help a girl out. Does anyone remember in which video they make corn cheese?? (I'm trying to make some but can't find the recipe) 😭

    10. genius bang

      thank you for making these videos, it rlly motivates me to eat more and not obsess over calories 💟

    11. jackie

      부모님이 요리를 너무 잘하세요!

    12. errina natasha

      your mom lowkey a hotel chef or something 😭

    13. MyTale Sadeelz

      am i the only one when i saw the puting coca cola in chicken o.o

    14. Jashvi patel

      Are you korean

    15. tonia ♡ ˎˊ˗

      I just noticed that this time the sushi didn’t drop from the chopsticks’ grip lmao

    16. Kim Hayun

      I wish I had a family like that! That cooks so much.

    17. Chelsea Mason

      I wanna be korean so bad but in Chinese

    18. cupid reincarnated

      ur so pretty omg /p

    19. Laura Alshammri

      not me watching this when i dont eat at all all day bc i dont feel like it ;-;

    20. Whatchu lookin at🔥

      Korean food looks so good 😫😫

    21. Hanna Bognar

      -ew they're so dusty -let's get them

    22. Kylie403 Kylie54

      What is the name of the circular thing because I want to try it so bad please 0:47 NVM i found it on google :3

    23. Rizzy Agdipa

      nyum its looks like nyummy

    24. Marilinda Perez_Lopez

      ur videos are EVERYTHING ugh ur so cool to watch

    25. Devi Shaktiswari Halder

      How she so fit while eating such yummy stuff 😕📸

    26. Luiza Petribú

      watching the whole adds for help u ;)

    27. Valeria Rosales

      Something I said while she said "my mom made it" Me: I knew those were old hag hands oh wait sorry! (Not being rude just something i said)

    28. Joseph Kim

      a brutal scream in the morning will help all ur days

    29. miuichung

      I’m just saw my favorite candy, kopiko🤤🤤🤤 4:49

    30. 清子

      The food you make looks so good 😭 (Or your mom)

    31. jhakyla

      ian even gone cap to yall , if I had to sit at they dinner table … I would jump across the table and take everybody food 😭🤣🤦🏽‍♀️ .

    32. fruity

      I think you should gimme some of that food like..you gone finish that?

    33. hala aL

      Don't eat too much so you don't get fat😂😂

    34. noura saghbini

      isn't that the bleu sweater your mother got you on your birthday?

    35. Yolo

      The telling susan morally produce because governor impressively name up a accidental stick. muddled, recondite trip

    36. L u k e

      Jealous Noises

    37. ur moms hot stinky pumping poo🤨😨

      Her mom should start a cooking show😎😎

    38. l e a h

      Oh to have such meals everyday i would never skip a meal

    39. Silk Subliminals

      feeling inspired✨✨

    40. SirShreksALot

      im not allowed to have Instagram for the giveaway but my fav food is chicken,chips,noodles

    41. シ d i o r シ


    42. Codi Marie

      I’m officially SUPER jealous !! All of this looks so damn good!! Can I borrow your parents?? Lol

    43. Hej på dig

      Oh to have parents that gives/buys you food can’t relate

    44. Sasha Jolie

      Where can I get those clear mugs?

    45. Taejina Unnie

      Please place subtitles in Portuguese/Brazil in your videos

    46. mariah w

      Ur food looks so so good, AHHHH..

    47. სესილი ქვარაია


    48. favorread.

      Omg I love the coffee candy!!!! ITS SOOOOO GOOOD

    49. Carrie Li

      Don’t talk about skin care routines my friend did my towner and I did hers but she was mean and slapped me across the face when she was patting it to soak the toner into my skin😭😭😭😭

    50. Vlog

      Where’s the necklace from?

    51. Dylan Byrne

      imagine actually having good food (not boiled white chicken) or a pizza that was 1.50$

    52. kalista parakkoth

      'green grape is superior' FINALLY SOMEONE AGREES

    53. Aya Bouyahiaoui

      what- ur so pretty wtf

    54. Jasmine Perez

      She be eating 5 star restaurant food while I’m eating pizza and spaghetti-o’s 😭

    55. catherine phanord

      My favorite food is Chicken and Noodles

    56. ChiArA MoNzA


    57. ✩ᴮᴸᴵᴺᴳ ˢᴷᴵᴱˢ✩

      The food always looks so good 🤤

    58. Paramjit Singh

      Her literally having so many meala ...me only eating a bowl of cornflakes with milk

    59. gacha chan

      Please show us all the ingredients to everything and show step by step

    60. apesinthegrapes

      she’s eating hella good like i’m so hungry now

    61. Vath Griffith

      Hey you shouldn't say you're stupid all the time. You're not stupid baby. Mistakes happen. It's okay❤️ you're very smart. It is not easy to film videos everyday for a week and edit them so beautifully✨

    62. ItzAinalol

      You’re so lucky, My dad just buys Fast Food💁🏻‍♀️

    63. firstbumm

      gimme all ur food

    64. Rachel Dufford

      her parents literally cook her full meals while mine tell me to figure something out because we have no food and they can't cook

    65. Joseph Kim

      ur so lucky :c

    66. Elsa Lehtinen

      This is so satisfying

    67. Ruqaya Alzoghby

      Idk why but like every video she posts looks so aesthetic! Btw love ur vids!

    68. Emily Mitchell

      Your parents food always looks so good

    69. Monica Jain

      Me at home drinking tea: 👁 👄 👁... all of that looks good 😋

    70. Lensey Calago

      Kopiko candy is also reminds me of my childhood in philippines

    71. Wubet Beyne

      What store did u go to?

    72. J_ Ferdous

      3:39 we gonna talk abt how fancy her cutlery is💀💀💀

    73. Natalie Michelle

      Tracy changing clothes every meal

    74. Night St

      drop theee snapppp

    75. romelita yajaira

      Where did you get your necklace from?

    76. Féline Steenbergen

      lol for the future me: try this 10:12

    77. Donuts

      what do u use to edit your videos??

    78. Miss anime ✋

      Im watching this at 1:13 am in the morning and drooling 😩✋

    79. kxilyn

      My mom is a chef too but she is not Korean but she is Mexican and American and she makes bomb ass food like it is so good!!

    80. Ashley_Kim 20281058

      Your parents be making food from sushi restaurants starting from 23:18-

    81. Paris O'conner

      where do you shop this is making me hungry

    82. Fareeha Flora

      I wanna be her best friend so I could come to her house everyday to have such good food

    83. Koi

      Those chopsticks r so ~luxurious~

    84. Julianne S

      can your parents pls make me some food 😩

    85. hoba core

      Now im insecure how i eat 😃. I wish i could eat like you

    86. Jazzy Jazz

      She over eating good meal!!! Enjoying them I’m over here eating crackers 😂

    87. Neona Bohol

      Just gotta love Yakult 😩✋

    88. Sarah

      Kopiko is made by Indonesia😍😍

    89. Pinecone

      omg u live in ontario

    90. katie won

      You are so pretty

    91. Lan Nang


    92. Fatima Salas Lopez

      this all looks so good ive been eating fast food for like a week bc my mom is tired of cooking 😭😭

    93. sabrina

      I would eat all of this

    94. emma malm

      Yeah, I'll have whatever she's having, thank youuu

    95. CookiesNbearS

      Korean food is so unique like idk if this is is other country's to but the fact that they put cheese is there corn dogs is AWESOME, if i lived there i would be so fat i would like eat that for every meal. (sorry idk if Korea is a country XD)

    96. Jessica James

      Honey soy chicken is my favourite food and I liked subscribed and clicked the bell

    97. Aaliyah Jones

      the sugarrrrr

    98. Mina NaMi

      i just wanna say that😭 can u explain your youtube channel’s name??? whats “saranghoe” means

      1. Mina NaMi

        @blosxom oh yeh, that name so creative😂

      2. blosxom

        She randomly made it up, there's no huge backstory for the name!

    99. Gisele

      my nanas spaghetti

    100. Jules L

      I can't believe this idiot spilled all over the place and didn't sop it up with some seaweed. Seaweed soda shinzuspuzalins are amazing