Bucket List: Walking on a Plane

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    TOP 5 VEHICLE EXPERIENCES! Wing Walking, Monster Trucks, Tanks & driving 200+ mph! Our best Bucket List yet! ► Thanks for subscribing! - bit.ly/SubDudePerfect
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    1. The Score - Top of the World
    Listen on Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/0O7ZVu...

    2. The Score - Miracle
    Listen on Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/6A6PDa...

    3. Hardwell⁠ feat. Trevor Guthrie - Summer Air
    Listen here: revr.ec/HWLSUMMERAIRDP

    Monster Truck FPV Drone Pilot IG: Justin Skinner @justinsmash

    Vehicles and Locations!
    1. Mason Wing Walking Academy: masonwingwalking.com/
    2. Ox Ranch Drive Tanks: www.drivetanks.com/
    3. Indianapolis Motor Speedway: www.indyracingexperience.com/...
    4. Sea Breacher: seabreacher.com/
    5. Bristol Motor Speedway: www.bristolmotorspeedway.com/

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    1. Dude Perfect

      Thanks for watching guys!! 👊🏼 NEXT UP 🗓 🎩 Optical Illusion Trick Shots w/ Zach King 🚨 Overtime 30 🛶 Build a Raft Battle

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      You should do a bucket list in a submarine

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      I’ve came back and watched Corey’s 3 times already that just looks amazing!

    6. battletoads22

      Walking on the plane was probably the scariest, but the seabreacher was the most unique. Especially for me, a guy who is afraid of open water.

    7. Jeanette Kerr

      This made me want to try it.

    8. Wes N Wheels

      We want to do trick shots with you guys!!!!

    9. Trendy Insight

      Dang! That is one of the craziest stunt I have ever seen! It made me cringe super hard watching him flip! But it was still amazing to watch!

    10. Florian Lasser

      I think Michael Schumacher is a bit cooler than Andretti

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      Not gonna lie... I was hoping someone would have chosen one of those mini submarines and explored alittle underwater

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      chills all the way through the video I LOVED this video.

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      Coby was in the state were I live

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      U do know in those RV a homeless can live

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    31. ARKA SQUAD

      "the next like brow" "the next like brow" "the next like brow" AMAZING ❤❤❤❤❤

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      2:30 his shoes just change?

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      No one in HRaero can beat you. Awesome 👍👍👍👍👍👍

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      Why he is calling it bad boy for six time 🤣

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      I love CORY COTTON'S seabreacher RAD


      They make amazing content and there content make them amazing 😆dude it's perfect 🙌


      This is insane 🙌

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      📌 【12 Safar 1443】 🔻▪️🔻 *Islaٌ''mic Stٌ''ate* *Khuraٌ''san Wilٌ''ayah* With success from Allah, the Khilٌ''afah solٌ''diers kiٌ''lled a member of the murtٌ''add Taliban miٌ''litia in the 4th District of Jalalabad city yesterday, with a piٌ''stol fiٌ''re, and seiٌ''zed his riٌ''fle as ghaٌ''nimah, and all praise is due to Allah.

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      Man, when Cody went on the plane I think he really did need a miracle (it was the name of the song playing for his bucket list)

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      Hello Dude Perfect, loved this Bucket List video, the music and vehicles was AWESOME!!! Especially "Top of the World". If you guys are making another Overtime episode soon, I do have a suggestion for Overtime that I hope you guys would be interested in. In the DP Vault, you guys have a Nintendo Switch right? How about all 5 of you play Smash Ultimate? The game can fit in 8 players and it's a lot of fun. Hope you like my suggestion.

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      I wish I could do most of these not the wing walking tho respect to Cody for being brave enough

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      The reason why they are slowly losing viewers is that they have been drifting away from their past and getting very lazy. The last trick shot video was 7 months ago and it was only 5 minutes long. They need to cut BL and OT if they want viewers back.

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