Guy liner challenge tiktok trend ( eye liner ) compilation

Dude Instafam

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    1. Jiminie Jikook347

      Bruh these guys be better than me at makeup 👁👄👁

      1. Belle simp

        They gay

      2. Why park Jimin when you can ride Jimin

        Lol hey fellow Jikooker😂

      3. Beheshta Quereshi

        Frr I can do my right eye so much better that my left like the left one always messes that shit up 💀

      4. Dude Instafam


    2. Ex Dude

      3:42 is my favorite

    3. Samantha Bustillo

      Uggghhggh how do I convince my bf to wear fkn eyeliner neidhdisbdnfodn💀

    4. 6 9

      black makeup and guyliner cool

    5. Dilnoza Abdug'abborova

      uyat erkak kiwiga

    6. rien

      when a guy can do eyeliner better than you and your a makeup artist.

    7. Why park Jimin when you can ride Jimin

      05:30 Am I the only one who didn't see a difference?

    8. Gargoyle

      4:40 wtf don't listen to hiiiimm ! Liquid liner stay when you're oily but everything else smudge sooo 🙄

    9. Swati's Good Life


    10. Faith Marcum

      eyeliner was made for guys

    11. auralya marsha

      Guys with eyeliner My brain : batman n corpse

    12. txt STAN

      Now once POC start doing this trend toxic whatever its called can say goodbye

    13. Vinyl D.

      The Scottish guy is so hilarious and the eyeliner he put was so good!

    14. Anjali Jha

      What's the last song called??

      1. Eman Mugalli

        sofia by clairo

    15. Kalease Moore

      Just call it eyeliner,it’s ok.

    16. Coral Blue Number 5 Semi Gloss Lipstick

      So make up on conventionally attractive, masculine straight/straight-passing guys is cool, but the second an actual fem boy wears makeup, the whole world likes to make jokes abt them

      1. Coral Blue Number 5 Semi Gloss Lipstick

        @bones exactly 🙄 I hate it here

      2. bones

        or trans dudes. like bruh wtf the double standard is so annoying

      3. Dude Instafam

        Oh ✨✌🏽

    17. Shez Meister

      I really want to see more POC try this out too. This doesn’t just have to do with guyliner but matte eyeliner just looks better to me in my opinion. Idk what it is but it just looks better. Idk.

      1. Dude Instafam


    18. Melina Melina

      2:30 he has the most beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen 😟😟😟

      1. Dude Instafam

        IKR 😅

    19. umme saima

      I’m so glad to see this trend tbh toxic muscularity bye bye

      1. Belle simp

        Stop being gay

      2. txt STAN

        @Dude Instafam I-

      3. b

        @Dude Instafam wtf

      4. Dude Instafam

        I am toxic but I do like the style ngl😅

    20. Nada Aouine

      OMG finally! I've been waiting for eyeliners on guys to be trendy for a while!

      1. Dude Instafam

        Same ✌️

    21. JOCELYN

      beautiful peopleeeeeeeee 😣😣😣😣

      1. Dude Instafam

        Yes lol 😗

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