RIMAC NEVERA FULL SEND! Insane Ride in the World's Fastest EV


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    The Rimac Nevera is one of the fastest cars in the world, smashing acceleration and drag strip records for a production hypercar. Now it's my turn to experience it with a full send run up the Goodwood Festival of Speed hillclimb course!

    Named after an electrical storm experienced in Croatia that comes in from the Adriatic, the Nevera has 4 electric motors and a 120kWh battery, producing 1,914hp and extraordinary performance figures like 0-100km/h (62mph) in just 1.97s, and 0-300km/h (186mph) in a mere 9.3s, while completing a 1/4 mile drag in just 8.6s from factory.

    With Rimac driver, Miro, at the wheel of the hypercar, it's certainly in good hands. However, there's a lot to the technology found in the Rimac Nevera from different driving modes and adjusting the settings of the powertrain, right through to the Driver Coach and what it can do for you.

    It's full send from the start line with a 60mph burnout, before some huge slides around the first corners of the hillclimb, and then a quick switch to Track mode for the brutal acceleration up the hill from there.

    The thumbnail comes with thanks to photocutout_ for capturing the slide at the top of the hill so perfectly!

    Thanks for watching, Tim

    00:00 Intro
    00:40 Walkaround
    03:17 To the Start Line
    05:45 Hypercar Show
    07:16 Hillclimb
    10:34 Top of the Hill
    13:08 Nevera Tech
    17:33 Back at the Bottom
    18:28 Wrap Up

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    1. Shmee150

      Now that's how you do it with nearly 2,000 horsepower! From a huge burnout off the line, to massive slides in the early corners, then into Track for the most insane of acceleration... no question, the Rimac Nevera is insane!

      1. D K

        This isn't about daily driving as you can tell clown shoes. You came to the wrong chanel.

      2. D K

        @Dan Frederiksen Its right here :) Are you comparing a luxury race car to a family sedan? Rimac ain't a family car Bahaha Piss off peasant

      3. Real R Fake R

        Those Tesla cultist in comments are pain in the a..

      4. Hellcat Dreamin Josh

        Shmee150 Absolutely Incredible Video I'm glad you got to ride in that Absolutely Incredible Rimac Nevrera and I think that Those Donuts and Power slides were absolutey insane

      5. Wind Walker

        @Tom Snoodle LOL with 1/3 the HP if you're lucky, good thinking!

    2. Oggi Style

      Supra pulls up “whats up guys going for race?”

    3. 1911doc

      You really are shmee...

    4. 66vb2552

      I ordered 2 of these

    5. Ilija Ireland

      can any1 start with translating car`s name to Spanish?



    7. Sparky

      That pesky sheep at the end interrupting! 18:46

    8. Jonas Weber


    9. nexus Ebtuoy


    10. Buktownx

      Woooo listen to that amazing tuned exhaust note....ohhhh wait...there is none...PASS....

    11. philhellmuff

      2 million dollar car and they can't spend an extra $100 to put a decent chip in the tablet/infotainment system. It looks laggy as hell. This alone would make me return the car

    12. Andy

      Lijepa naša

    13. That3DSweed

      10:36 when you have a school assignment of naming everycar in 30 sec -_-

    14. Nick K

      this car is something else !

    15. Victor Wagg

      There should be a ‘Hamster’ mode that limits speed to 40.

    16. Ken

      That Rimac is a wild animal !! A BEAST !!! Awsome video ! Thank you for sharing that experience ! Greetings from Germany The only thing that i do NOT love on this car is the price of 2 Million Euros ! You get 14 of Tesla Model S Plaid ( 1020 horsepower ) for this money which are fully usable family cars for everyday life situations. The Rimac is made for the racetrack only ...may be the sunday cruise to the beach to see and to be seen ..... very nice performance and design.. but nothing for the normal people.. super rich people who are bored by life go get one ... it might bring some fun again in your boring life where you can everything as often you want.

    17. Jorge Ho

      This car looks stupid with all that fancy carbon fiber and price tag next to a Tesla Model S

    18. wktr

      front looks like a wasp. i hate wasps

    19. NaiOneSix

      127mph and it seems he could’ve done 132-133 on the last straight.

    20. Stan Alfano

      Voiture inutile

    21. TB Rech

      I would LOVE to drive this vehicle. Just amazing.

    22. Duane Karn

      All the petrol cars are obsolete compared to the Rimac. BTW Trump won the 2020 US election.

    23. Hovbov

      11:57 you can see the damage what rocks and chips do to it, damn

    24. Robert Steidl

      Mrgud is a brilliant driver.Probably the best who can drive this car.Sideways with closed eyes.

    25. Roman Senger

      Somehow I am really happy for croatia to have this company, I don´t know, I´m just rooting for them. Beautiful country for making holidays, too.

    26. Inside Out

      Has nobody told you how to pronounce Rimac and Nevera? You missed BOTH. Congratzz!

    27. Konrad Baj

      The most realistic NFS, chose the track you want to drive and here we go.. You can even watch replays 🙃

    28. Jerry Joseph

      yo tambien tengo una nevera en la casa :v

    29. Sayak Majumder

      9:23 Give this man all the space he wants.

    30. Powder Skier

      But the technology of that Rimac is leagues ahead of all the others in that car park

    31. Powder Skier

      geeee thats a smokin hot looking car

    32. ali rodriguez

      From the a pillar back it looks like a 918 even the wheels looks. Similar

    33. anjoLas

      i've never seen anything SO FAST in the Goodwood Festival WTF !!!! And what a driver !! Who is this guy ?!

    34. RaShede Marson

      I've never seen Tim this excited during a hill climb.... Despite the many hypercars he's ridden in.

    35. Ahmed Gafar

      Bro, that’s quick af 💨🔥💀

    36. UBER 3 aka Uber3


    37. Travis Stoaty

      🍙🍘🍱🌹💖💗💓♋️🏴🏳🏁♓💎 *Bog je pokazao svoju ljubav prema nama poslavši svoga Sina Isusa Krista, koji je umro i uskrsnuo iz mrtvih da nam da vječni život.* *Također je obećao da će ozdraviti vaše tijelo.* *Ako svojim ustima priznate Gospodina Isusa i vjerujete u svom srcu da ga je Bog uskrsnuo* *Dat će vam život vječni* *(Gledajte u nebo i pitajte Boga)*

    38. David Clark

      With a price tag north of $2 million, it better be the best EV in the world. The limited version of the Tesla roadster costs $250 thousand. I am always impressed with the equivalence between apples and oranges. How stupid!

    39. m0hdt2

      Why is Your channel named after a 2008 call of duty Xbox 360 gamertag

    40. R L

      wheres your favorite car? the tuatara

    41. R L

      10:35 hello everyone, welcome to my garage

    42. Wolf Lion

      Shmee and Driver Chemistry is not good

    43. Chris Markham

      Your knowledge of the current hypercars available at just a glance is truly remarkable. I’m lucky if I can name the models in one marque.

    44. Dave Smith

      Tesla Plaid has joined the chat..

      1. Hrvoje Filipović

        ...and left without word.

    45. Matthew

      if i ever rob a bank i need this guy as a delivery driver . they need him in Transporter 2021-22

    46. Alarismos

      Looks like a peugeot

    47. Cameron Jackson

      Let's not allow Hamster behind the wheel.

    48. Cico Stos

      You should atleast try to pronounce the name Rimac right

    49. AnimalSpirit

      Seems like ET is staring at you

    50. benberkovic

      If that is the future, I am SO ready!!

    51. Skate Raptor 1

      8.6 quarter mile thanks to Matt Watson😂😂😂

    52. Ryan

      just wow, can we all just appreciate the triple digit speedo with the red 0 to let you know your going too slow, 3 figures speeds only in this please is what its trying to tell you hahaha

    53. JutKip

      6:27 @mannykhoshbin they are calling you

    54. JutKip

      2:32 there is no battery under the seat Thats the reason why you can sit so low

    55. Dien Auto

      Which one do you pick? Shmee: 10:37 😄

    56. Eduardo Soto

      @10:39 Bonkers brain dump 🤯👏👏

    57. ENO

      what an Idi.. and this guy has over 2 mio followers crazy

    58. Asterix X

      In 10-15 years, ICE cars will be gone. I won't miss them.

    59. jazz1ba

      Its not RimaK!

    60. Google Google

      Die Opfer sollen umgesiedelt werden und in Mietwohnungen leben, so wie alle armen Bürger ohne Eigentum....ausgenommen Landwirte und Winzer..... Weshalb glauben diese Menschen sie hätten Anspruch auf Spenden und Steuergelder für ein nagelneues Haus? Dass dieser Staat verrückt und ungerecht ist, weiss jeder...neue Häuser kosten 600.000 bis 1.000.000 Euro! NEIN zu Hilfen, denn der Steuerzahler hat die Flut nicht verursacht.....die sollen von ihrem Lohn und Kindergeld zur Miete hausen....keine Sonderrechte für diese ehemals Reichen...mir spendet auch niemand Luxus....ein Haus ist Luxus! Verwahrentgelt Sparkasse....! ihr Uhse Dreckschweine...gehört immerzu bestraft...

    61. Saeed Nassor

      Hii, everyone. Wait for those who are one.. are we tired of driving. For the transformers, how is the rear momentum of a turn to pedal push drive. The connection must be puff puff pass through time but.. By the way who is the driver. * The vehicle * The steering passenger * The ***** 'No one is a dog but we are all a sample happy pets, time pets'. Sincerely S.Nassor

    62. Ahsan Ali

      RIMAC 👑

    63. a1an

      This is good evidence that taxes for the rich need to be raised ...

    64. Austin Gubala

      What a beautiful EV. I'm so excited about the future of Rimac.

    65. Pete Marx

      Porsche is shareholder and backer of Rimac company via Volkswagen group, so Rimac 'bought' Bugatti. Games of large companies.

    66. Carl Klinkenborg

      302 seconds battery life at full power...

    67. Ramsi Kühn

      That's the reason, why Rosberg buy one ❣️😅 Love from Berlin 🇩🇪🙋🏻‍♂️

    68. Steve Chacon, Jr

      This car is on the highest level possible. And its interior I found, faultless.

    69. Snowrunnergod

      This car has to be in FH5

    70. Puzzy170

      Made in 🇭🇷 💪 supersportcars was yesterday, Rimac made the next Level of cars, Ultrahypersportcars. Rimac lift Bugatti on a new level and a golden Era

    71. Steve Buckler

      Shmee's next video: "I've bought a Rimac Nevara"

    72. pin9r

      This is probably the most thought of, engineered and refined car ever made

    73. Itu Bogdan

      this guy sounds like Kimi :)) :X

    74. 308328928

      Shmee gets so giddy around cars

    75. darmod -

      It's so funny to see all this ICE cars in museum soon...

      1. Mateo Kovac

        Won't happen anyway. Love the Rimac tho.

    76. G D

      Can someone finally explain how to read the name Rimac correctly ??

      1. darmod -

        exactly as it says... Rimatz not Rimak

    77. edi

      Rimac Bosnia

      1. Marko Šekerija

        @edi ti ne razumiješ što govoriš, i ja sam Bosanac, al ne Bošnjak. Koliko glup možeš bit da ne razlikuješ te dvije stavri. Znam ja dobro povijest i Bošnjaci se prvi put spominju tek krajem 19. st. Isto tako ako imate toliko bogatu povijest zašto ste se do 71. g. nazivali Hrvatima i Srbima i zašto jedino vaša voljena zemlja ima tri predsjednika? Ja bih se zapitao malo.

      2. edi

        @Marko Šekerija citaj malo istoriju prije svega sve je bila Bosna nikad Hercegovina drugo svi Vlasi u Bosni su se zvali bosnjaci to su cinjenice ...Zbog toga i nevolite Bosnu Rimac i ne mora spominjaat Bosnu on je Bosanac kao i mnogi drugi velikani ....

      3. Marko Šekerija

        @edi Hrvat iz Livna i uostalom šta se javljate vi, samo se ponosite Hrvatima iz Bosne, kao što su Vladimir Prelog, Mate Rimac i Ivo Andrić. Niste ni nikakva nacija samo ste se poturčili. Isto tako Rimac se ponosi Livnom i Hrvatskom, nikad vas nije ni spomenuo i vjerojatno vas ne voli jer ste mu u Domovinskom ratu nešto napravili, njegovog obitelji ili kući.

      4. edi

        @Marko Šekerija da Rimac je iz Livna kaj ti nije jasno

      5. Marko Šekerija


    78. Renato Svajcar

      Shmee ..what was in the Bag ? Clean pair of shorts?😉

    79. Billy Wakwabi

      That's one special super car. The facial expressions says it all

    80. Johnny Boye

      I don't think I've seen you actually given a shock, excuse the pun, like that before, and it was wall to wall smiles just watching your reaction to this National Grid Godzilla. It really takes something on yet another level to evoke that after all the kit you've been driving over the years. Top video Shmee, loved it 👍

    81. Rotor Blade

      It sounds like a turbine engine, not bad also the torque delivery is very similar to a turboshaft.

    82. Rotor Blade

      I think you got black flagged for drifting 😂

    83. R D

      @7:50 Shmee goes ape-shit! Epic laugh!!

    84. kanenstuff

      Drift mode that's crazy love to see this in D1 in Japan.

    85. Miguel Österberg

      Absolute legend the driver 🙌🏻👌🏻👏🏻👍🏻❤️!!!!

    86. Afrodisiac [HD] Sound/Entertainment

      "This is going to be over Quick"..... "a little bit speechless". \o/ Brp Brp!!!

    87. Otis Horne

      you neeeed a new GT3 rs or touring

    88. Eduardo Estevez

      nevera in spanish is fridge thats a fast fridge

    89. Jim hi

      sounds like a S-plaid will run neck and neck with it

      1. Mateo Kovac

        Not even close lmfao

      2. Ervin Cufta

        Nevera is a bit faster

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    91. Dylan Sironi

      5:10 it says the top speed of one of their previous runs was 410kph :o

    92. Maurits Gustafsson

      I would so much want to see the last drift around the corner before parking!!

    93. Julio Paez

      The screen lags. Not as responsive.

    94. Bob Bob

      The real hypercar now today, that's electric car the best but tomorrow when everyone has an electric car we can produce all this electricity, no and battery I think not to . Europe stop thermic car in 2035!

    95. BeyerT1

      You can actually see how neutral the car is on the video and how it pulls itself out of the corners like it's on rails.

    96. Mr M.

      But what about Tesla Model S Plaid?

      1. Mr M.

        @Mateo Kovac yes, but number two though.

      2. Mateo Kovac

        Slow in comparsion.

      3. Miguel lopez

        @Ervin Cufta they say 1.85 but I have yet to see it get close to that number.

      4. Ervin Cufta

        @Miguel lopez Nevera is a bit faster

      5. Miguel lopez

        Model s plaid beats it in 0-60.

    97. nejoh

      Nice car but design looks cheap

    98. grecsy

      looks incredibly fast even through camera which is rare

    99. steve prince

      OK my dear Da Costa, I guess you have a valid point here. You 👀 some people like you may not care two hoots about range, they rather beauty and performanc. Point taken.

    100. Dominik S.

      Close the doors close the widows the NEVERA is coming....